Remembering The Steppe

Remembering this 2004 Chekhov book which papa got for me. I loved reading The Steppe! I wish I had kept this book on my shelf. Glad my dad got it for me. Here is another one that I’ll never part with since he gave it to me, he really loved this book. When I see books at my mom’s place that my dad had started but never had time to finish I think of how many books I want to read and hope I have time to finish them all. Miss you papa.

Robert Conquest (1917-2015)

Law of Markets

It is essential to mark the passing of one of the great historians and enemies of totalitarians of all varieties. Robert Conquest passed away on August 3 at aged 98. I think it is even possible that I read every one of his books [UPDATE: I just went to look at what he’d written – I got nowhere near it]. This is from The Telegraph in London picked up at Powerline:

Conquest personified the truth that there was no anti-communist so dedicated as an ex-communist. His career illustrated also what the Italian writer Ignazio Silone, another former communist, meant when he said to the communist leader Palmiro Togliatti that “the final battle” of the 20th century would have to be fought between the two sides they represented.

An ardent Bolshevik as a young man, Conquest became a bitter foe of Soviet “Socialism”. He had first visited Russia in…

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